Gust-John Foods &
Products Corporation

Batavia, Illinois

Northern Pines



Gust John Foods is now part of the Subco Foods family. We'll continue to offer the great Northern Pines products you've known for years. Please visit our site at Subco Foods to find out more about us.

Gust John Foods and Products Corporation was started back in 1973 by a father and son team, Gust and John Koutselas. With little more than personal tenacity, a dream and some great recipes, they worked all their spare time on weekends and evenings, while holding down full time schedules at work and school respectively.

They started out during the week blending the complex formulas for pancake mix and cooking syrup in small batches, to have product inventory to sell to their small network of restaurant customers on the weekends.

With an uncompromising approach to quality, they soon had to take on the business full time. Northern Pines pancake mix is still made from a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe that dates back to the early 1800's.

Gust-John Foods & Products Corporation 800.756.5886 Batavia, ILToday, however, instead of a delivery van, the products are now shipped out by the truckload to foodservice distributors around the country. More than 3 decades later, Northern Pines mixes and syrups are served in thousands of restaurants across the country.

Many businesses grow by word of mouth, but in this case, it was all flavor that fueled their success.